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Layout Sale!

Hey, all! Money's a little tight right now, and we really need to take care of some bills, so layouts are on sale for $25!

That's $20 off, bro! How cool is that? This sale is open to the first three people to respond and order in the next 24 hours. You can order here!
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Notice (it's important, yo)!

Come one, come all. It's time for another round of LJ Fucked My Shit Up! Oh, joy. :| If you're using one of my profile codes (or any profile code, really), you might want to go check it. Is the text missing? Lucky you! LJ's halping again. :D

Go to the edit page on your profile and look for any <div> tags in the code. (eg. if your text is justified, CTRL+F for <div align="justify"> and the closing </div> tag).

For now, this is the only fuck up I know of, but if I see any more I'll add them to this post.

As a commenter on my Minty x-post says, somewhere said that changing the div tags to p tags will work. (ie. changing <div align> to <p align> and </div> to </p> etc.)

<div align="justify">text text text</div> becomes <p align="justify">text text text</p>
<div align="left">text text text</div> becomes <p align="left">text text text</p>
<div align="right">text text text</div> becomes <p align="right">text text text</p>
Or you can delete the div tags completely.

Is it still looking weird? It might be the ordering. If you're changing your div tags to p tags, make sure any font styling (ex. <font face="arial" color="#333" size="1">) comes AFTER the p tag.

So if, in the original code, it was presented as:
<font face="arial" color="#333" size="1"><div align="justify">text text text</div></font>
You would be changing it to:
<p align="justify"><font face="arial" color="#333" size="1">text text text</font></p>