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Stupid name, cute layouts.
[ Aug 9th 2012 ] - RESOURCE: Code Tester
other - cameo
Hey guys! So, normally, I send people to DRAAC to live-test their HTML and div styled codes but, recently, they've added, uh.

[This really ugly sidebar.]

And, idk about you guys, but for me it's super distracting. I was getting a bit sick of all the text on the page anyway, so here you go. A new code tester based on their code (because I'm lazy lmao), with a clean, un-distracting page layout.

Just like DRAAC's, my code tester is good for HTML codes, div styled codes, and full HTML/CSS pages (but not CSS alone). Oh and, even after previewing, CTRL+Z still works, which is always a big bonus for me.
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